Learning through Play at Mount Morgan's best child care centre.

Red Frog is your Government Approved Kindergarten Provider in Mount Morgan. We offer quality care to stimulate your child and help them grow, at prices that don’t cost the earth.

What will my child learn at Red Frog ?

Your child will build his or her:

  • sense of identity, e.g. learn about themselves, feel secure with others, and build confidence, independence and perseverance
  • sense of connectedness, e.g. learn ways to relate to others, be responsible, and respect diverse people and the environment 
  • wellbeing, e.g. learn to understand feelings, manage challenges, stay healthy and safe, and develop movement skills
  • active learning, e.g. develop a desire to learn, ways to learn, and ways to get organised for and be involved in learning
  • ability to communicate, e.g. develop listening skills, language skills, and confidence and interest in early literacy and numeracy skills.

How will my child learn at kindergarten?

Mt Mrogan ChildcareYour child will learn through:

  • indoor and outdoor play, based on their interests and ideas
  • real‑life experiences, such as cooking, gardening and investigating the world
  • everyday routines and transitions, such as meal times, rest times and group times.

Why is play important?

Play builds skills for later learning. Children learn about themselves and their world through play. They also learn ways to:

  • communicate
  • be more independent
  • cooperate
  • imagine and create
  • persevere
  • explore and investigate
  • think and wonder
  • enjoy learning.  

Introducing the Queensland kindergarten learning guideline.

Mt Mrogan ChildcareThe guideline helps teachers to develop quality learning programs for children in the Kindergarten Year (the year prior to Prep). It also helps centres meet the National Quality Standards for educational programs. The guideline builds connections between what children already know or can do their learning at kindergarten and future learning in Prep. Your child’s teacher at Red Frog, Cecilia Moger, can show you a copy of the guideline or visit the Queensland Studies Authority website <www.qsa.qld.edu.au> to download a copy.

Does Red Frog Kindy prepare my child for Prep?

The Red Frog kindergarten program builds strong foundations for your child’s future learning in Prep. A summary of each child’s learning is created towards the end of their Kindergarten Year. This helps parents to support their child to move smoothly into Prep.

Mt Mrogan ChildcareWhat about literacy and numeracy?

The Red Frog kindergarten program focuses on building your child’s confidence and interest in early literacy and numeracy. This can include:

  • drawing and “playing” with ideas about writing
  • talking about letters that interest them, and watching and listening as adults write and talk about what they are doing
  • listening to and talking about ideas in books
  • counting and measuring for real purposes, e.g. when cooking, sharing toys or playing games
  • exploring patterns in their environment.

Your child will learn more about letters and sounds, numbers and other mathematical ideas in Prep.

How can I help my child learn?

You can help your child by:

  • talking regularly with your child’s teacher and sharing information about home experiences and your child’s interests
  • reading with your child and talking about ideas in books every day
  • involving your child in everyday activities so they can learn about the world, use counting or see you write for a real purpose.

Make sure your child is in safe hands. Choose Red Frog for the best child care in the Mount Morgan area!